How Do I Know My AC is Working Efficiently?

AC units outside of house

Everyone uses their AC constantly during the summer to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. During these extended periods, your system must work as efficiently as possible. When a system is not functioning correctly, it will begin to reflect on your utility bills, costing you unnecessary money. Nobody wants to spend extra on bills when there is fun to have elsewhere!

For this reason, our experts have compiled helpful information to ensure your AC works efficiently so you and your wallet can stay comfortable all summer long.

New Unit

If you have an AC system older than 15 years, you could lose out on a substantial amount of efficiency. Modern units are durable, but their components will accumulate wear and tear over time, causing deterioration. When deterioration begins, your unit will continue cooling your home. Still, it will show its age by requiring more routine maintenance, increasing your energy bill, and becoming more audibly noticeable when it turns on.

Additionally, older units typically require a freon called R-22. This refrigerant is no longer used because of its harmful environmental effects. Installing an upgraded unit is not only a wise investment for your bank account but also for the health of our planet.

Inspect Insulation

Your unit may be working perfectly fine, but if you lack proper insulation, you will also lose ample amounts of precious AC. Insulation is installed in your walls and ceiling to prevent air from escaping. If your insulation is faulty, air will seep out and cause your system to work harder to keep your house cool. Enlist the help of a qualified professional to inspect your home's insulation.

Change Filters Regularly

Changing your air filter is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your AC system's efficiency. Air filters are typically installed in an open area in your home and look like a large square vent. Replace your filters monthly to increase airflow and indoor air quality.

If these filters are left unattended for long periods, they accumulate too much dust and debris, blocking airflow. This blockage of air will cause your unit to work harder to pull enough air necessary and increase energy costs. Additionally, the debris and dust will begin to break off and flow freely through your entire system and home. When this happens, it is not only harmful to your HVAC system but also to your overall health.

Thermostat Upkeep and Monitoring

Your home's temperature is often visible on the screen of your thermostat. This small device also signals your AC to turn on and off when the adequate temperature has been reached. If the thermostat is not working correctly, it could cause your air to run constantly. We recommend regularly monitoring your thermostat and changing its batteries when needed.

Dust will also affect the health of this device which is why we recommend regularly cleaning the outside if it, preventing malfunction caused by buildup.

Lastly, ensure your thermostat is not placed in direct sunlight or beside an entryway. The heat from the sun and outdoors will cause your system to think the inside temperature is warmer than it is, causing your AC to run more than necessary.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats allow you to have total control over your home comfort. Regular thermostats limit your control to a panel inside the home, while smart thermostats provide more flexibility. Often, these versions will include wifi and Bluetooth access, allowing you to control your home temperature from your phone. They also will come with an application that shows your energy consumption and learned heating and cooling habits and will adjust themselves accordingly. These high-tech devices are a wise investment and play a significant role in the efficiency of your system.

Window Covers

Blinds and curtains not only provide privacy but also shade. We recommend covering your windows during the day if your home is in an area with a lot of sun. The sunlight coming through causes your indoor temperature to increase and your system to work harder to cool you down.

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