How to Prepare Your Home for the Cold Weather

Family looking out the window at snow

As summer draws to a close, you will begin preparing for the fall festivities. When preparing for the spooky season, make sure you also prepare your home for the winter that follows. Freezing temperatures can be dangerous. For this reason, ensuring your home is adequately heated is not just a luxury but a necessity. In this blog, our experts will explain how to ensure your home’s heating system will work properly to keep you and your family safe and comfortable during the frigid months.

Clean Your Vents and Filters

Since the weather outside can become unbearably cold, you will spend more time indoors. Inevitably, your fresh air intake will decrease, so making sure your indoor air quality is healthy and fresh is mandatory.

To achieve fresh air inside, you must change your air filters and clean your vents. We recommend you change your air filters regularly, especially during winter. Although they aim to catch dust and debris, they can’t catch everything. The extra particles that make it past the filter will begin to travel through your ducts and vents. It will build up and cause the air to flow through the house improperly. Not only will this decrease air quality, but it will also cause your HVAC system to work harder and lose efficiency.

Check Your Thermostat

First, test your heat with the thermostat to check if your heat will work properly. Turn the thermostat to the “heat” setting and wait a few seconds for the heater to turn on. Once you hear it click on, wait a few more minutes to make sure you feel the heat coming out of the vents. If you notice the system is having trouble starting, call for assistance from a licensed professional to inspect the problem and fix it before the weather becomes too severe.

Schedule Maintenance

Your HVAC system requires regular maintenance, ensuring it will work when you need it the most. Having your unit inspected by a professional is beneficial because they can identify potential problems and fix them before it becomes emergency repair. They can also recognize a failing system with decreased efficiency that could cost you unnecessary money when heating your home. Replacing your old system will save you money in the long run due to higher efficiency and less energy consumption.

At AirMasters Air Conditioning & Heating, we take pride in our work because we care deeply about your home and family. Our fully licensed and insured technicians are equipped with the experience and state-of-the-art tools and technology necessary to deliver fast, effective service and ensure your home is properly heated during the colder months. Give us a call today! (901) 295-4434