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How to Protect Your Outdoor AC Unit

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Two air conditioning condensers on a soil ground next to grass and outside a home with gray siding

Protecting Your AC Condenser

The outdoor portion of your air conditioner plays a key role in circulating air in an efficient way. Without it, the warm air produced within your system would have nowhere to go. It’s also the most visible part of your air conditioning system and what many people associate with the unit.

The condenser, unlike most other home appliances, is exposed to the outdoor element 365 days a year. This means it deals with heat waves, rain, wind, things falling from the sky, human interaction, and much more. Therefore, it’s important that your condenser remains as safe as possible while also being able to do its job.

Protecting your AC condenser will save you money on repairs and help your system run more efficiently. Here are some strategies to protect this outdoor unit.

Cut Back Foliage

One of the most important ways to protect your AC condenser is to make sure that any foliage is at least two feet from the unit. This includes trees, bushes, flower pots, vines, and more. Any falling debris in the form of leaves or branches will likely find its way into your system and either cause damage or reduce efficiency.

Pick the Right Location

Location is key for your AC condenser. You may not have had a say in the matter when you moved into your home, but if you get a chance in the future, try to pick a location where the unit can operate safely away from threats. Keep the unit away from pools, child play areas, gardens, and any high-traffic areas around your home.

Use a Fence

If you’re worried about child or pet access to the unit becoming a problem, a fence is a great way to offer a safeguard. You need to leave adequate space both for potential maintenance and optimal airflow.

It’s also a great way to add your own style and cover up your outdoor unit at the same time.

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