5 Home Heating Terms You Should Know

A blue pilot light in a gas furnace

5 Home Heating Terms You Should Know

How much do you know about your home heating system? Whether you’re an amateur HVAC DIYer, or barely know how to work your thermostat, there are some terms all homeowners should know so you can be prepared to properly take care of your system.

So after reading these five terms, you’ll be able to impress your HVAC technician (or maybe even some friends at a party) with your newfound knowledge on your home heating system.

1. Burner

A burner is where the combustion process takes place and where heat is created before being distributed around your home. Your pilot light (our next term) lights the fuel, either gas or oil, which mixes with air to create a continuous flame.

Burners require occasional cleaning in order to work properly and last longer.

2. Pilot Light

A pilot light is an igniter, which will initiate the combustion of fuel in order to create heat. Pilot lights used to run all the time, always ready when the furnace clicked on. Modern pilot lights are commonly electrically powered ignition switches that will light fuel without being on constantly.

3. Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is the key to creating warm air inside your furnace. The warmth created by the burners is transferred to the system’s metal coils. These coils then heat the cool air brought in by the furnace. The cold air turns warm, thus providing the heat necessary to distribute around your home.

4. Blower

Without a blower, or fan, your furnace would just be heating itself. The blower sends the warm air produced in the furnaces into your air ducts and through the vents to actually warm your home.

5. Zoning

A zoning system for your home is a great way to fine-tune your heating (and cooling) needs. For example, if your second floor is always warmer than your first floor, you may not need the temperature as high. Or if there are certain areas that you want different temperatures, a zoning system can split your control into multiple zones, therefore allowing greater flexibility with your home comfort.

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